• Do you own a European automobile of motorsports pedigree?

  • Do you appreciate it like your "trophy"?

  • Do you enjoy great drives, great food and great company?

  • If you do, Welcome to Club Trofeo!

Club Trofeo is a private club for owners of select European automobiles with motorsports pedigree. Hosting automotive lifestyle events in the Pacific Northwest and beyond, invited members enjoy a range of activities with their Trofeos as well as recreational and entertainment programs throughout the year.

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Upcoming Events

Aug 30 , 2015 - Pedigree 5.1 ~ Porsche Vancouver Corp. Event

Sep 09 - Sep 18, 2015 - "Bella Italia" ~ 2015 Highlight Event: Germany-Switzerland-Italy

Oct 18 , 2015 - "Dream-Ring" ~ GT PPE Event

Nov 14 , 2015 - "Bollywood" ~ Specialty Event

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